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DRAKKAR reports

Content: 1)  Technical and scientific reports; 2)  reports of activity of the French Drakkar team

1) Technical and scientific reports

2018: The Drakkar team, Drakkar International Research Network 2014-2017 report. 

2016: Up-dated description of the DFS5 forcing data setThe making of Drakkar forcing set DFS5. Dussin, R., B. Barnier and L. Brodeau, 2016. DRAKKAR/MyOcean Report 01-04-16, LGGE, Grenoble, France.

2014: Preliminary description of DFS5.1 and DFS5.2: The making of Drakkar forcing set DFS5. Dussin, R., B. Barnier and L. Brodeau, 2014. DRAKKAR/MyOcean Report 05-10-14, LGGE, Grenoble, France

2014: ORCA12.L46 climatological and inter annual simulations forced with DFS4.4: GJM02 and MJM88. Molines J.M., B. Brannier, T. Sendoff, A.M. Treguier, J. Le Sommer, Drakkar Group Experiment report GDRI-DRAKKAR-2014-03-19 

2012: Definition of the interannual experiment  ORCA025.L75-GRD100, 1958-2010. Dussin R., J.M. Molines, B. Barnier, april 2012. LEGI-DRA-12-04-2012.

2012: Experiments on the Met Office method of river runoffs implementation in NEMO. C. Vic, A.M. Treguier, H. Berger. LPO report, August 2012.

2011:  Definition of the interannual experiment ORCA12.L46-MAL95, 1989-2007. Lecointre A., Molines J.-M., Barnier B. LEGI-DRA-23-10-2011

2011:  Definition of the interannual experiment ORCA12.L75-MAL83, (1978-1982 and  ORCA12.L46-MAL83/84/85 (1978-1982 and 1978-1992) Lecointre A., Molines J.-M., Barnier B. LEGI-DRA-23-10-2011

2011:  Collocation and validation tools. Juza, M.

2011: ORCA025.L75-MJM95: Scientific Validation Report (ScVR) for V1 Reprocessed Analysis and Reanalysis. WP 04 – GLO – CNRS_LEGI Grenoble. Reference: MYO-WP04-ScCV-rea-CNRS. Barnier B., Dussin R., Molines J.M.

2010: Evaluation of the NATL12-BRD81 simulation. R. Dussin and A.M. Treguier, LPO report LPO-2010-03.

2009: Definition of the interannual experiment ORCA025-B83, 1958-2007. R. Dussin and A.M. Treguier, LPO report LPO-09-02.

2008: Evaluation of a North Atlantic 1/12° model simulation. R. Dussin and A.M. Treguier, LPO Report LPO-2008-07, november 2008.

2008: DRAKKAR NATL12 model configuration for a 27-year simulation of the North Atlantic ocean, A.M. Treguier, LPO Report LPO-2008-05, updated april 2010.

2007: Definition of the interannual experiment ORCA025-G70, 1958-2004 . J.M. Molines, B. Barnier, T. Penduff, L. Brodeau, A.. Treguier, S. Theetten, G. Madec, LEGI report, LEGI-DRA-2-11-2006, update september 2007

2007: Definition of the global 1/2° experiment with CORE forcing, ORCA05-G50. J.M. Molines, B. Barnier, T. Penduff, L. Brodeau, A.M. Treguier, S. Theetten, G. Madec, 2006. LEGI report, LEGI-DRA-1-11-2006.

2006: Bourdalle-Badie, R., and A.M. Treguier, 2006: A climatology of runoff for the global ocean-ice model ORCA025. Mercator-Ocean report, MOO-RP-425-365-MER.

2006: Treguier A.M., J.M. Molines and G. Madec, Meridional circulation and transport in ORCA025 climatological experiments


2 ) Reports of activity of the french DRAKKAR project

2012 Drakkar project report, INSU-LEFE, 2010-2012

2009 - 2009 drakkar-lefe project report

2006 - Drakkar 2006 report .  Same with annexes : 2006: report of the Drakkar project with annex

2004   2004 Drakkar report of activity Report for MERCATOR: 2003-2004 Drakkar report for MERCATOR