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ORCA12 simulations and publications

A complete list of ORCA12 publications, 2014-2017, is found in the Drakkar International Research Network 2014-2017 report:

REPORT of the ORCA12 reference experiments at LGGE (Grenoble) in 2014: Molines J.M., B. Barnier, T. Penduff, A.M. Treguier, J. Le Sommer: ORCA12.L46 climatological and interannual simulations forced with DFS4.4: GJM02 and MJM88. Drakkar Group Experiment report GDRI-DRAKKAR-2014-03-19

A table of the available reference experiments with ORCA12 is found in the Drakkar meeting report 2014:  here (annex 2)

Results from DRAKKAR ORCA12 simulations


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See also: Bistability of the Atlantic meridional circulation ( in French, http://www.insu.cnrs.fr/node/4535 )

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Lecointre, A., 2012, pdf presentation at the NEMO user meeting: ORCA12, model performance on the computer at CINES (France) and preliminary results;

Results from the MERCATOR ORCA12 simulations and operational products:

Le Galloudec, O., Bourdallé-Badie, R., Drillet, Y., Derval, C., and Bricaud, C.: Simulation of Meso-Scale Eddies in the Mercator Global Ocean High Resolution Model, Mercator-ocean newsletter 31, 22-30, 2008.

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More information is found in the Drakkar meeting reports as well as the report of activity 2010-2012 of the Drakkar French team.