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Brodeau, L, Barnier, B, Treguier, A, Penduff, T, and Gulev, S (2010).
An ERA40-based atmospheric forcing for global ocean circulation models
OCEAN MODELLING, 31(3-4):88-104.

Dufour, CO, Le Sommer, J, Penduff, T, Barnier, B, and England, MH (2010).
Structure and Causes of the Pulsation Mode in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current South of Australia
Journal of Physical Oceanography, 41(2):253--268.

Lorbacher, K, Dengg, J, Böning, CW, and Biastoch, A (2010).
Regional Patterns of Sea Level Change Related to Interannual Variability and Multi-decadal Trends in the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation
J. Climate, 23:4243-4254.

Mathiot, P, Barnier, B, Gall~A©e, H, Molines, JM, Sommer, JL, Juza, M, and Penduff, T (2010).
Introducing katabatic winds in global ERA40 fields to simulate their impacts on the Southern Ocean and sea-ice
Ocean Modelling, 35(3):146 - 160.

Penduff, T, Juza, M, Brodeau, L, Smith, GC, Barnier, B, Molines, J, Treguier, A, and Madec, G (2010).
Impact of global ocean model resolution on sea-level variability with emphasis on interannual time scales
OCEAN SCIENCE, 6(1):269-284.

Popova, EE, Yool, A, Coward, AC, Aksenov, YK, Alderson, SG, de Cuevas, BA, and Anderson, TR (2010).
Control of primary production in the Arctic by nutrients and light: insights from a high resolution ocean general circulation model
Biogeosciences, 7(11):3569–3591.

Scheinert, M, Biastoch, A, and Boening, CW (2010).
The Agulhas System as a Prime Example for the Use of Nesting Capabilities in Ocean Modelling
In: HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTING ON VECTOR SYSTEMS 2009, ed. by Resch, M and Roller, S and Benkert, K and Galle, M and Bez, W and Kobayashi, H, pp. 191-198 (ISBN: 978-3-642-03912-6).

van Sebille, E, van Leeuwen, PJ, Biastoch, A, and de Ruijter, WP (2010).
On the fast decay of Agulhas rings

van Sebille, E, van Leeuwen, PJ, Biastoch, A, and de Ruijter, WP (2010).
Flux comparison of Eulerian and Lagrangian estimates of Agulhas leakage: A case study using a numerical model

Vidal-Vijande, E, Pascual, A, Barnier, B, Molines, J, and Tintoré, J (2010).
Analysis of a 44-year hindcast for the Mediterranean Sea: comparison with altimetry and in situ observations
Scientia Marina, 75(1).

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