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Athie, G, Marin, F, Treguier, A, Bourles, B, and Guiavarc'h, C (2009).
Sensitivity of near-surface Tropical Instability Waves to submonthly wind forcing in the tropical Atlantic
OCEAN MODELLING, 30(4):241-255.

Biastoch, A, Beal, LM, Lutjeharms, JR, and Casal, TG (2009).
Variability and Coherence of the Agulhas Undercurrent in a High-Resolution Ocean General Circulation Model

Biastoch, A, Boening, CW, Schwarzkopf, FU, and Lutjeharms, JR (2009).
Increase in Agulhas leakage due to poleward shift of Southern Hemisphere westerlies
NATURE, 462(7272):495-U188.

Bonhommeau, S, Blanke, B, Treguier, A, Grima, N, Rivot, E, Vermard, Y, Greiner, E, and Le Pape, O (2009).
How fast can the European eel (Anguilla anguilla) larvae cross the Atlantic Ocean?

Bonhommeau, S, Le Pape, O, Gascuel, D, Blanke, B, Treguier, A, Grima, N, Vermard, Y, Castonguay, M, and Rivot, E (2009).
Estimates of the mortality and the duration of the trans-Atlantic migration of European eel Anguilla anguilla leptocephali using a particle tracking model
JOURNAL OF FISH BIOLOGY, 74(9):1891-1914.

Girard, L, Weiss, J, Molines, JM, Barnier, B, and Bouillon, S (2009).
Evaluation of high-resolution sea ice models on the basis of statistical and scaling properties of Arctic sea ice drift and deformation

Griffies, SM, Biastoch, A, Boening, C, Bryan, F, Danabasoglu, G, Chassignet, EP, England, MH, Gerdes, R, Haak, H, Hallberg, RW, Hazeleger, W, Jungclaus, J, Large, WG, Madec, G, Pirani, A, Samuels, BL, Scheinert, M, Sen Gupta, A, Severijns, CA, Simmons, HL, Treguier, AM, Winton, M, Yeager, S, and Yin, J (2009).
Coordinated Ocean-ice Reference Experiments (COREs)
OCEAN MODELLING, 26(1-2):1-46.

Jouanno, J, Sheinbaum, J, Barnier, B, and Molines, J (2009).
The mesoscale variability in the Caribbean Sea. Part II: Energy sources
OCEAN MODELLING, 26(3-4):226-239.

Lachkar, Z, Orr, JC, and Dutay, J (2009).
Seasonal and mesoscale variability of oceanic transport of anthropogenic CO2
BIOGEOSCIENCES, 6(11):2509-2523.

Lachkar, Z, Orr, JC, Dutay, J, and Delecluse, P (2009).
On the role of mesoscale eddies in the ventilation of Antarctic intermediate water

Langlais, C, Barnier, B, Molines, JM, Fraunie, P, Jacob, D, and Kotlarski, S (2009).
Evaluation of a dynamically downscaled atmospheric reanalyse in the prospect of forcing long term simulations of the ocean circulation in the Gulf of Lions
OCEAN MODELLING, 30(4):270-286.

Le Sommer, J, Penduff, T, Theetten, S, Madec, G, and Barnier, B (2009).
How momentum advection schemes influence current-topography interactions at eddy permitting resolution
OCEAN MODELLING, 29(1):1-14.

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A model-based study of ice and freshwater transport variability along both sides of Greenland
CLIMATE DYNAMICS, 33(5):685-705.

Michel, S, Treguier, A, and Vandermeirsch, F (2009).
Temperature variability in the Bay of Biscay during the past 40 years, from an in situ analysis and a 3D global simulation
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Validation of three global ocean models in the Weddell Sea
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Modes of the southern extension of the East Madagascar Current

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Controlling atmospheric forcing parameters of global ocean models: sequential assimilation of sea surface Mercator-Ocean reanalysis data
Ocean Science, 5(4):403–419.

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Relating Agulhas leakage to the Agulhas Current retroflection location
OCEAN SCIENCE, 5(4):511-521.

van Sebille, E, Biastoch, A, van Leeuwen, PJ, and de Ruijter, WP (2009).
A weaker Agulhas Current leads to more Agulhas leakage

van Sebille, E, van Leeuwen, PJ, Biastoch, A, Barron, CN, and de Ruijter, WP (2009).
Lagrangian validation of numerical drifter trajectories using drifting buoys: Application to the Agulhas system
OCEAN MODELLING, 29(4):269-276.

Koch-Larrouy, A, Madec, G, Iudicone, D, Atmadipoera, A, and Molcard, R (2008).
Physical processes contributing to the water mass transformation of the Indonesian Throughflow
OCEAN DYNAMICS, 58(3-4):275-288.

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