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Arhan, M, Treguier, AM, Bourles, B, and Michel, S (2006).
Diagnosing the annual cycle of the equatorial undercurrent in the Atlantic Ocean from a general circulation model

Barnier, B, Madec, G, Penduff, T, Molines, J, Treguier, A, Le Sommer, J, Beckmann, A, Biastoch, A, Boening, C, Dengg, J, Derval, C, Durand, E, Gulev, S, Remy, E, Talandier, C, Theetten, S, Maltrud, M, McClean, J, and De Cuevas, B (2006).
Impact of partial steps and momentum advection schemes in a global ocean circulation model at eddy-permitting resolution
OCEAN DYNAMICS, 56(5-6):543-567.

Penduff, T, Barnier, B, Molines, J, and Madec, G (2006).
On the use of current meter data to assess the realism of ocean model simulations
Ocean Modelling, 11(3-4):399 - 416.

Thierry, V, Mercier, H, and Treguier, AM (2006).
Seasonal fluctuations in the deep central equatorial Atlantic Ocean: a data-model comparison
OCEAN DYNAMICS, 56(5-6):581-593.

Treguier, AM, Gourcuff, C, Lherminier, P, Mercier, H, Barnier, B, Madec, G, Molines, J, Penduff, T, Czeschel, L, and Boening, C (2006).
Internal and forced variability along a section between Greenland and Portugal in the CLIPPER Atlantic model
OCEAN DYNAMICS, 56(5-6):568-580.

Wirth, A and Barnier, B (2006).
Tilted convective plumes in numerical experiments
Ocean Modelling, 12(1-2):101 - 111.

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